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Harlem Jets '18

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

While we were happy with our first Harlem Jets event in 2017, we knew we could make it even better. In April of 2018, we took approximately 40 players from the BYU football team as well as coaching staff members to Harlem. Micah Simon and Trey Dye planned and organized the event which had a creative approach to teaching growth mindset to the kids.

Our events are typically viewed as being football camps but they are far from that. In fact, no football instruction takes place. The kids rotated through 10 stations throughout the day. Each station focused on a principle associated with developing a growth mindset, which believe is fundamentally important if these children are going to reach their potential.

One station always involves a humanitarian project. This year's project was organized by Sarah Lamb and focused on helping patients at a local children's hospital.

The Harlem Jets earned stickers at each station that reflected the concept taught and then joined the BYU "Pryde" with special dog tags at the end of the day. They also received some very nice Nike gear and decals to remind them of the day.

Coaches Who Make A Difference

Special recognition to Jamel Wright, Matt McAllister and Jamel Wright Jr., who really make this event possible. They devote a significant amount of their days to helping create opportunities and experiences for the kids who makeup the Harlem Jets organization. Below is a short highlight video from the 2018 event that their organization created. We plan to be back in June of this year with an even more exciting day planned for the kids!

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